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San Luís de los Franceses Church

Guided Tour The Jesuits in Seville, San Luis de los Franceses.​

In the footsteps of the Jesuits in Seville, San Luis de los Franceses.​

The history of the Jesuits in Seville began in 1554, when they settled in the city and built a church, a professed house and a novitiate, of which today only the Church of the Annunciation in Calle Laraña remains. On this guided tour we will get to know the Church of San Luis de los Franceses and its history.

At the beginning of the 17th century, a wealthy Sevillian lady donated some land for a new building with a church on the condition, as was customary, that she be buried in the main chapel and that the church be dedicated to her patron saint Louis IX, first cousin of the patron saint of the city of Seville, King Ferdinand III the Saint. Let us not forget, too, that the Jesuits tried to smooth things over with the Spanish monarchy and more specifically with the new dynasty of the Bourbons of French origin, initiated with Philip V, to avoid being expelled, hence the presence in the church of the crown, the attribute of kings, and the fleur-de-lis, the symbol of the Bourbons.

Construction of the church began in 1699 and was completed in 1730.

The church of San Luis de los Franceses is one of the jewels of Sevillian Baroque and therefore one of the architectural works of the city that should not be missed on your visit. It is undoubtedly one of the best works of the great architect of the time, Leonardo de Figueroa.

The difficulties for the Jesuits began in 1767, as they had to abandon the building due to a Royal Order of Carlos III expelling them from Spain. They returned in 1817 only to be expelled again in 1835 during the disentailment of the Church by the liberal government of Mendizábal. From this point on, the old novitiate had multiple uses, from seminary, to hospital for venerable priests, to hospice until the sixties of the last century, and the church was completely closed and without worship for many years. Currently the temple is deconsecrated and belongs to the Diputación de Sevilla, an institution that has allocated significant funds for the recovery of the same since 1984 until its total rehabilitation and opening to the public in 2016, being able to visit not only the church, but also the domestic chapel and the crypt.

From Sevilla Walks we offer you a unique experience, a private visit of approximately one hour and a half to San Luis de los Franceses where you will know all the details and curiosities that houses this baroque temple.

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