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Official Guide in Seville since 1995

Manuel Campos Valero

Contratar Guía Turístico en Sevilla. Guía Turístico Oficial..

Seville as they have never told you about it

Hello! I am Manuel Campos, official tourist guide of Seville with license N 155, graduated in Tourism with a Master in Hotel Management, and linked to the world of tourism since 1991, working as a local guide in the city of Seville since 1995. Born in the most beautiful city in the world, since I was a child I have always been interested in history in general and above all in the history of my city, its heritage, its people, its festivals, especially the Holy Week, to which I feel absolute devotion, and of which I feel totally proud.

Seville, an ancient city, through which a multitude of civilisations have passed, which have undoubtedly left their mark on the city, and have gradually defined what it is today, a city that lives the street, evidently because of its climate and which welcomes visitors with friendliness.

Seville, a city intimately linked to its river, port and gateway to the Indies, when it controlled the monopoly of trade with them, became the most important city in the world. This same river, the Guadalquivir, the great river, which brought it so much success, made it suffer on many occasions due to its floods, which caused significant flooding.

For all this and more, I can say that I am proud to show the visitor the most beautiful city in the world.