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Santa Paula Covent

Discover one of Seville's hidden gems

Hidden Seville. Guided visit to the Convent of Santa Paula Seville

We offer you a private visit with our guide to one of the jewels of the so-called hidden Seville. The Convent of Santa Paula is one of those cloistered convents and monasteries with an impressive heritage but which are difficult to get to know. The Hieronymite nuns of the monastery of Santa Paula dedicate themselves to prayer, embroidery, the maintenance of a marvellous museum and the elaboration of an artisan confectionery that tastes like Gloria, never better said, their bitter orange marmalade, as well as their quince jelly are truly divine.

The Sevillian noblewoman Ana de Santillán y Guzmán obtained authorisation from Pope Sixtus IV in 1473 to found a monastery in some houses she owned. Around 1483, the Marquise of Montemayor, Isabel Enríquez, promoted the construction of the church, whose side façade is undoubtedly one of the best examples of the so-called Elizabethan-Gothic style, where Gothic, Mudejar and Renaissance elements are combined, the work of Pedro Millán and Francesco Niculoso Pisano.

The monastery of Santa Paula is considered the best example of a convent museum, not only because of the quality of the works it houses – we can find works by Alonso Cano, Felipe de Rivas, Martínez Montañés – but also because of their variety, as we can find paintings, sculpture, gold and silver work and of course the coffered ceiling that covers the church, made by López de Arenas in 1623.

During the guided tour of the Convent of Santa Paula you can learn about its history, admire its architecture and visit its museum. The visit lasts approximately an hour and a half.

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