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Guided Tour to Hospital de la Caridad

Discover this jewel of the Sevillian Baroque of the 17th century

Guided tour to the Hospital de la Caridad with a private guide

Discover our visit to the Hospital de la Santa Caridad and immerse yourself in the baroque Seville of the 17th century.

“Domus pauperum scala coeli”, this is the Latin inscription that we find when we enter the Hospital de la Santa Caridad, “house of the poor stairway to heaven”, we are undoubtedly facing one of the best examples of baroque architecture in Seville, a city that is going through a period in which it is gradually losing its splendour and sinking into social and economic decadence.

The Brotherhood of the Holy Charity was founded in the 16th century to bury the poor and abandoned who died without anyone to bury them, and those who were executed. The memory of Miguel de Mañara, the great promoter and Eldest Brother of this brotherhood, permeates this wonderfully preserved ensemble.

This gentleman of Corsican origin, whose father inherited a large fortune from trading with the Indies, after a tumultuous youth, decided to join the brotherhood and, as its Eldest Brother, drafted its rules, promoted the work on the church and designed its iconography, for which he spared no expense, He hired the best artists of the time, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Juan de Valdés Leal and Pedro Roldán, the latter being the author of the sculptural group of the Burial of Christ in the main altarpiece, which perfectly completes the programme of works of mercy.

During the approximately one hour guided tour of the Hospital de la Santa Caridad we will discover its extensive history as well as the artistic treasures housed within its walls.

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